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TC_for_issues #24, #25, #27

Arun Kumar Tharanatha requested to merge TC_for_issues_2 into master

Execute the Test cases to identify the issues. ( For more information, refer to the corresponding issues #24 (closed), #25 (closed), #27 (closed))

Before fixing, The test/graphdb_test.cpp should fail at 3d4a6044 , 3d4a6044 , 3d4a6044

The test/transaction_test.cpp should fail at 3d4a6044 and crash at 3d4a6044

If tests in transaction_test.cpp are not failing, then re-run the test cases several times until it fails.

In addition to the current test cases, it is recommended to verify the fix under a similar kind of scenario with at least 5 to 10 concurrent transactions.

After the fix, the test in graphdb_test.cpp may be removed.

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