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% Modified by Gerald Weber <>
% Removed the requirement to include *bbl file in here. (AhmetSacan, Sep2012)
% Fixed the equation on page 3 to prevent line overflow. (AhmetSacan, Sep2012)
\usepackage{balance} % for \balance command ON LAST PAGE (only there!)
% ****************** TITLE ****************************************
\title{A Sample {\ttlit Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment} Paper in LaTeX
Format\titlenote{for use with vldb.cls}}
% possible, but not really needed or used for PVLDB:
%\subtitle{[Extended Abstract]
%\titlenote{A full version of this paper is available as\textit{Author's Guide to Preparing ACM SIG Proceedings Using \LaTeX$2_\epsilon$\ and BibTeX} at \texttt{}}}
% ****************** AUTHORS **************************************
% You need the command \numberofauthors to handle the 'placement
% and alignment' of the authors beneath the title.
% For aesthetic reasons, we recommend 'three authors at a time'
% i.e. three 'name/affiliation blocks' be placed beneath the title.
% NOTE: You are NOT restricted in how many 'rows' of
% "name/affiliations" may appear. We just ask that you restrict
% the number of 'columns' to three.
% Because of the available 'opening page real-estate'
% we ask you to refrain from putting more than six authors
% (two rows with three columns) beneath the article title.
% More than six makes the first-page appear very cluttered indeed.
% Use the \alignauthor commands to handle the names
% and affiliations for an 'aesthetic maximum' of six authors.
% Add names, affiliations, addresses for
% the seventh etc. author(s) as the argument for the
% \additionalauthors command.
% These 'additional authors' will be output/set for you
% without further effort on your part as the last section in
% the body of your article BEFORE References or any Appendices.
\numberofauthors{8} % in this sample file, there are a *total*
% of EIGHT authors. SIX appear on the 'first-page' (for formatting
% reasons) and the remaining two appear in the \additionalauthors section.
% You can go ahead and credit any number of authors here,
% e.g. one 'row of three' or two rows (consisting of one row of three
% and a second row of one, two or three).
% The command \alignauthor (no curly braces needed) should
% precede each author name, affiliation/snail-mail address and
% e-mail address. Additionally, tag each line of
% affiliation/address with \affaddr, and tag the
% e-mail address with \email.
% 1st. author
Ben Trovato\titlenote{Dr.~Trovato insisted his name be first.}\\
\affaddr{Institute for Clarity in Documentation}\\
\affaddr{1932 Wallamaloo Lane}\\
\affaddr{Wallamaloo, New Zealand}\\
% 2nd. author
G.K.M. Tobin\titlenote{The secretary disavows
any knowledge of this author's actions.}\\
\affaddr{Institute for Clarity in Documentation}\\
\affaddr{P.O. Box 1212}\\
\affaddr{Dublin, Ohio 43017-6221}\\
% 3rd. author
\alignauthor Lars Th{\Large{\sf{\o}}}rv{$\ddot{\mbox{a}}$}ld\titlenote{This author is the
one who did all the really hard work.}\\
\affaddr{The Th{\large{\sf{\o}}}rv{$\ddot{\mbox{a}}$}ld Group}\\
\affaddr{1 Th{\large{\sf{\o}}}rv{$\ddot{\mbox{a}}$}ld Circle}\\
\affaddr{Hekla, Iceland}\\
\and % use '\and' if you need 'another row' of author names
% 4th. author
\alignauthor Lawrence P. Leipuner\\
\affaddr{Brookhaven Laboratories}\\
\affaddr{Brookhaven National Lab}\\
\affaddr{P.O. Box 5000}\\
% 5th. author
\alignauthor Sean Fogarty\\
\affaddr{NASA Ames Research Center}\\
\affaddr{Moffett Field}\\
\affaddr{California 94035}\\
% 6th. author
\alignauthor Charles Palmer\\
\affaddr{Palmer Research Laboratories}\\
\affaddr{8600 Datapoint Drive}\\
\affaddr{San Antonio, Texas 78229}\\
% There's nothing stopping you putting the seventh, eighth, etc.
% author on the opening page (as the 'third row') but we ask,
% for aesthetic reasons that you place these 'additional authors'
% in the \additional authors block, viz.
\additionalauthors{Additional authors: John Smith (The Th{\o}rv\"{a}ld Group, {\texttt{}}), Julius P.~Kumquat
(The \raggedright{Kumquat} Consortium, {\small \texttt{}}), and Ahmet Sacan (Drexel University, {\small \texttt{}})}
\date{30 July 1999}
% Just remember to make sure that the TOTAL number of authors
% is the number that will appear on the first page PLUS the
% number that will appear in the \additionalauthors section.
The abstract for your paper for the PVLDB Journal submission.
The template and the example document are based on the ACM SIG Proceedings templates. This file is part of a package for preparing the submissions for review. These files are in the camera-ready format, but they do not contain the full copyright note.
Note that after the notification of acceptance, there will be an updated style file for the camera-ready submission containing the copyright note.
%\end{document} % This is where a 'short' article might terminate
% ensure same length columns on last page (might need two sub-sequent latex runs)
% The following two commands are all you need in the
% initial runs of your .tex file to
% produce the bibliography for the citations in your paper.
%\bibliography{vldb_sample} % vldb_sample.bib is the name of the Bibliography in this case
% You must have a proper ".bib" file
% and remember to run:
% latex bibtex latex latex
% to resolve all references
Generated by bibtex from your ~.bib file. Run latex,
then bibtex, then latex twice (to resolve references).
%APPENDIX is optional.
% ****************** APPENDIX **************************************
% Example of an appendix; typically would start on a new page
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