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💚 Switching to libpmemobj-cpp image in .gitlab-ci.yml

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image: "pmem/pmdk:1.7-fedora-28"
image: "pmem/libpmemobj-cpp:fedora-30"
- build
- test
- echo pmdkpass | sudo -S dnf update -y
- echo pmdkpass | sudo -S dnf install -y cmake
- echo pmdkpass | sudo -S mkdir -p /mnt/pmem/test
- echo pmdkpass | sudo -S chmod 777 /mnt/pmem/test
- echo pass | sudo -S dnf update -y
- echo pass | sudo -S dnf install -y cmake
- echo pass | sudo -S mkdir -p /mnt/pmem/test
- echo pass | sudo -S chmod 777 /mnt/pmem/test
stage: build
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